50s Style Les Paul Wiring Kit | WD Music / CTS Custom Taper 550K Potentiometers, NOS Russian K40Y-9 Capacitors

Buhr Electronics

Regular price $50.00

This is a one time deal clearing out capaictors I don’t stock anymore.  I have one set of .022 µF for both neck and bridge - and - one set with .015 µF in the neck and .022 µf in the bridge.

If these are sold out check out my other Les Paul kits with WD Music / CTS Custom Taper pots.

Both sets are short shaft CTS potentiometers which tale 24-Splne Split Shaft knobs and require 3/8” mounting holes.

These are wired up and ready to go - modification/customization is not available for these.

50s Style Wiring with top quality components

  • CTS / WD Music Custom Taper Potentiometers | Matched Quad
  • NOS Russian K40Y-9 Capacitors
  • 20 AWG Tinned Copper Bus Wire w/ PTFE Insulation

Each potentiometer set is matched with a +/- 1% Tolerance ensuring no more than a 10 kΩ spread from the lowest value to the highest value potentiometer within each set.