Buhr Electronics Serial Phaser Circuit | Squier Paranormal Thinline Cabronita Telecaster | Bourns, Switchcraft, Sozo

Buhr Electronics

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Important: I no longer take pre-orders on this item.  I will make sure to make a small handful available at the 1st of each month starting June 2023.

Here's a fantastic and easy mod to give your Squier Paranormal Thinline Cabronita Telecaster a few extra tones to keep in your pocket.  

The toggle switch functions as normal - Neck, Neck/Bridge in Parallel, Bridge.  Pull the tone control up and the phase of the bridge pickup is reversed (this difference is only noticeable with both pickups are engaged - either through the toggle being in the middle position or the volume control pulled to engage in series operation).  Pull the volume control to put the two pickups in series regardless of the toggle position - no dead spots.

Wired with top quality components from top to bottom

  • Bourns PDB183-GTR Push/Pull DPDT Volume & Tone Controls
  • Switchcraft Short Frame Toggle Switch
  • Optional Switchcraft Switch Tips (Factory Switch Tip Will Not Fit) 
  • Switchcraft #11 Mono Output Jack
  • Sozo Yellow Mustard .022 µF Capacitor
  • .001 µF Ceramic Disc Capacitor / 150 kΩ Metal Film Resistor Treble Bleed
  • Vintage Style Braided Lead Wire
  • Brass Solid Shaft Conversion Sleeves

This kit was designed with the Squier Paranormal Thinline Cabronita Telecaster.  Potentiometer mounting holes and jack cup need to be enlarged to 3/8".  This kit should also work with the Baritone Cabronita as well in theory - additional modifications to the Baritone model's factory pickups will need to be completed.  Please message me prior to purchase if you have the Baritone version for what will need to be done.