Champ Micro 1W EF80 Output Tube | Designed by Rob Robinette, Sounds Fantastic

Barbeau Amplification

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Here's is an absolutely fantastic sounding, freshly built, Champ Micro based off of Fender's legendary 5F1 Champ circuit.  This amplifier uses a 12AY7 for the preamp tube and an EF80 for the output/power tube.  

Click Here for Video Demo

Other features / specs include:

  • TAD 12AY7
  • NOS Amperex EF80
  • Pre-Amp Volume / Gain
  • Master Volume
  • 16 Ω Speaker Output
  • Antek Toroidal Power Transformer
  • IEC Power Supply Socket
  • IEC Power Cable (included but not pictured)

Overall this is a fantastic sounding amp and dead quiet (no hiss / hum) with virtually zero ambient/white noise when cranked. 

Perfect for bedroom or apartment. Great tube distortion at reasonable volumes but still loud enough to jam with a CD or backing track.  It truly excels with P90s with a great crunchy / overdriven tone.