(3P-STD-C2S-50LP-BB-LT) Les Paul '50s Style Pre-Wired Harness w/ Standard Frame Toggle | CTS 550K Short Shaft Pots w/ Luxe Radio Bumble Bee Reproduction Capacitors

Buhr Electronics

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Important Compatibility Info:  This kit, with Short Shaft potentiometers and a Standard (Long/Tall) Frame toggle, would be ideal for most Historic Gibson Les Paul model guitars (ex R7, R8, R9, etc). 


Here's an absolutely fantastic upgrade to your Les Paul or LP Style guitar.  It comes completely wired and ready to install with just a few easy connections.

Potentiometers - Set of Four (4) Short Shaft (3/8") Pots matched within 2% of each other and guaranteed over 500K, 20% Audio Taper.

Capacitors - Luxe Radio capacitors arguably makes the best reproduction Bumblebees on the market today.  Extremely authentic and vintage look and, more importantly, sound.  Choose from .015µF and .022µF capacitance values.  

Switchcraft toggles are arguably the best toggle switches available and I offer them exclusively.  Standard (Long) Frame Switchcraft Toggle with choice of Black, White, Cream (Ivory), or Amber colored tips.  Also included to ensure proper fitment is a nickel plated Deep Thread Fine Knurl Nut.

Jack - Switchcraft's #11 Mono Jack has been the Gold Standard in instrument jacks for decades and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.  Heat shrink tubing is also included to prevent the braided outer shield of the toggle output from coming in contact with any "hot" signal connections.

Pots are grounded with 20 AWG Buss Wire.

Complete with instructions and full support if necessary.

Model - 3P-CS50LP-BB-LT