3P-STD-B1S-CST-MPRS-CRL3-716P4 | Paul Reed Smith PRS Upgraded Wiring Harness | Vol / Tone / 3-Way Blade - Bourns, CRL, Switchcraft

Buhr Electronics

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Here is a great way to upgrade your Import PRS or PRS style guitar with high quality components in one easy drop-in harness, maintaining the functionality of coil splitting via a Bourns PDB183-GTR Push/Pull Tone Control.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x Bourns PDB241 Series 500 kΩ Audio Taper Potentiometer (Volume)
  • 1 x Bourns PDB183-GTR Series 500 kΩ Audio Taper DPDT Push/Pull Potentiometer (Tone)
  • 1 x Orange Drop 716P 400V
  • 1 x Orange Drop 716P 600V .001uF & 150k Ohm Resistor Treble Bleed Circuit
  • 1 x CRL 3-Blade Switch (Tip Not Included)
  • 1 x Switchcraft #11 Mono Output Jack

Important Disclaimer:  There is more than one way to split coils.  Inner Coils, Outer Coils, Bridge Screw w/ Neck Slug, Bridge Slug w/ Neck Screw, etc.  This kit grounds the back side coil of each pickup which is a very traditional and simple method.  If you have any special requests, please let me know what pickups you have and how you'd like them to split.  Or, provide a known working diagram if you have one that you like.

  • Requires 3/8" Mounting Holes
  • Requires 24-Spline US Spec Knobs
  • .022 µF Standard, .033 µF and .047 µF available upon request