DiMarzio Double Cream Humbucker for Repair or Rewind | Super Distortion, Dual Sound


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Here's a nice and clean vintage DiMarzio humbucker, presumably from the late 70s or early 80s.  It has a 4-Conductor lead and the rounded mounting tabs.  It very possible it may be a special winding, or a Distortion/Dual Sound - I believe this came out of a Pedulla MVP or possibly an Ibanez Musician 15 years ago and has been sitting in a box.  

This pickup has a broken South Coil (White/Green) and needs to be re-wound.  It is possible that a new "start/finish" could be soldered but it'd be tough to find.  The North Coil meters at 6.15 kΩ DCR.  Looks great overall but minor string wear on the tops of the bobbins.