3 Position Mini Toggle Switch For LP Style Guitars | Optional Switch Tip


Regular price $15.95

Priced Per Switch w/ Optional Genuine Switchcraft Switch Tip

Electroswitch® mini toggle with full size actuator. Perfect pickup selector switch for tight locations.

  • 0.5" Mounting Hole Requiered
  • 0.4375 Threaded Portion

This switch comes from the factory with lugs 1 and 6 clipped and is really only suitable for something along the lines of 2-pickup switching.

Personal Note - These switches are fantastic and have a great action and feel to them.  The are compact and perfect smaller control cavities.  The long threaded bushing is great for thicker tops as well.  Thread patterns match Switchcraft 8-32 for the switch tip and 15/32-32 for the mounting nut.

Available in a Vintage Style Pre-Wired Version.