Fender Blues Deluxe / Deville Power Supply Capacitor Kit

Barbeaux Amplification

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Compatible with original Blues Deville and Blues Deluxe - NOT Reissues.  Use the respective Hot Rod Kit for Blues Reissue models.

This kit covers the 6 main power supply capacitors that are prone to early failure with the option of adding other components in which their factory placement will inevitably cause excessive heat damage on the PCB.  Replacing these preventative maintenance components and installing them floating above the board will ensure proper air flow and heat dissipation preventing future heat damage to the PCB.

It is advised to inspect your circuit board prior to purchase to assess damage to ensure installation can be successfully completed. 


  • 4 x F&T 100 µF @ 350V - C34, C35, C41, C42
  • 2 x F&T 22 µF @ 500v - C45, C46

Optional Preventative Maintenance Kit (highly recommended):

  • 2 x 330 Ω (470 Ω for Deluxe) 5w Low Mass Wire Wound Resistors - R85, R86
  • 2 x 5W Zener Diodes - CR22, CR23
  • 2 x 470 Ω 3w Low Mass Wire Wound Resistors - R57, R58

IMPORTANT:  When working on tube amplifiers high voltage may be present without taking the proper precautions.  Component identifiers are for reference only and may differ from your particular PCB Revision.  Instructions are not included.  Should be installed by a someone with proper soldering equipment/technique needed for working on printed circuit boards.