Fender Champion 600 1 x 6 Tube Amp, Modded for Gain/Dirt


Regular price $179.00

Here's a nice and well used Fender Champion 600 5-Watt 1 x 6 Combo.  It has been modded by removing the negative feedback loop, boosting the mids, and replacing the original grill cloth.  It still has the original speaker which should probably be replaced to enhance the mods - but speakers can be a more personal choice to be decided by the new owner.  The tubes are a fresh JJ ECC83 and 6V6S.  The grill cloth has been replaced with Oxblood w/ Gold Stripe Tweed Style.

There are a few small tears in the tolex that have been clearly pictured and the back panel is missing.  The volume pot has just a little bit of scratchiness from 2-4 but this amp is meant to be dime'd (or 12'd?) in it's current state. 

Keep as is or use as a base for your own mods - a very easy platform to work with to experiment and/or learn on.