Fender Modified Deluxe Series Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard | AlNiCo Tex-Mex HSS, No Load Bridge Tone


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Here's a super nice and clean modified 2006 Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster loaded pickguard w/ 2 Tex-Mex single coils in the neck & middle positions and standard humbucker in the bridge.  The Deluxe Power Strat original came with a piezo preamp but that has been removed to allow for a more traditional Stratocaster wiring style. 

  • Top Quality Components used with extremely clean soldering
  • Master Volume, Neck Tone .047 µF, Bridge No-Load Tone .022 µF configuration
  • Bridge Humbucker Auto-Split in Position #2

Comes with a pre-wired output jack and 1 foot of cloth pushback wire to ground your tremolo claw (if needed) to allow for a quick and easy installation.