Fuchs Train 45 Single Channel Non-Master Volume Guitar Amplifer

Fuchs Audio Technology

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Here's a super nice and fantastic sounding Fuchs Train 45 designed after the Trainwreck Express amplifiers built the great late Ken Fischer.

This amplifier is powered by two Electroharmonix EL34s with 12AX7s in the preamp.  Overall fantastic condition.  There are a few very minor blemishes such as a tear in the tolex on the left side near the top, some sort of residue on the grill-cloth that should come off with some adhesive remover, and some very minor separating of the tolex where the seams meet underneath the head cabinet.

It is very responsive and touch sensitive but it absolutely sings when you let it.

Here's Fuchs' description:

Train-45™, Lucky 7® and Blackjack 21® are single channel non master style amps with a more rock and roll attitude than the Fuchs® ODS® and TDS® amps. This new series of amps offers that rock and roll tone and attitude in varying power levels. All models share a similar "in your face" attitude, at different power levels. The top-model in the series is the Train-45™ -- a traditional "wreck-style" amp that has both the EL-34 power and attitude to drag off to a gig and shake some people up. This amp is clean to mean from both the guitar volume control and your hands, a simple, short signal path for maximum speedy response and hand-to-speaker transfer, and just plain simple to "grab and go." The Train-45™ has the basic 3-gain stage circuit topology of the original Trainwreck Express but enhanced by a few modern touches.