Gibson Les Paul Wiring Harness Long Shaft Pots w/ Jack | Circa Late 90s Early 2000s


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Here's a nice wiring harness complete with grounding plate from late 90s early 2000s Gibson Les Paul (most likely a Studio).  Output jack nut and washer are gold; will include nickel washer and nut as well.

300 kΩ Linear Volumes, 500 kΩ Audio Tapers - Actual Measurements Below

  • Bridge Volume - 235 kΩ Linear Taper
  • Neck Volume - 254 kΩ Linear Taper
  • Bridge Tone - 507 kΩ Audio Taper
  • Neck Tone - 490 kΩ Audio Taper
  • Bridge Tone Cap - .022 µF Ceramic Disc
  • Neck Tone Cap - .023 µF Ceramic Disc

Everything works properly as they should.