Import Telecaster Pickup Set | Long Leads, Springs and Screws


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Here's a set of Telecaster pickups most likely from a late 90s early 2000s Squier Standard Series Telecaster.  Mounting Screws on the bridge pickup are metric.

Neck - 

  • 7.23 kΩ DCR
  • 10.5"   Leads
  • South Top
  • Meters "DOWN"

Bridge - 

  • 6.44 kΩ DCR
  • 10.5"   of Single Conductor Shielded Lead
  • North Top
  • Meters "DOWN"

Bridge pickup comes complete with mounting springs and screws.  Neck pickup comes with direct mount screws but needs mounting foam.  The covers show a minor wear and patina consistent with 20+/- year old pickups.