Modified 2011 Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special | Single Volume/Tone w/ Toggle

Squier by Fender

Regular price $379.00

Here's a super nice and clean 2011 Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special finished in the original 2-Tone Sunburst. 

This guitar comes from the factory with stacked dual volume and tone controls that are interesting but more gimmicky than functional.  This has been modified with top quality components - CTS potentiometers, Electroswitch toggle, Gavvit Wire, etc.  The original Seymour Duncan / Duncan Designed are still used.

Original top-loader bridge and vintage style split-post tuners.

This guitar plays and sounds great.  The action and intonation has been set.  The frets have been polished the end have been dressed.  

No notable blemishes on the body or neck.  The pickguard does have some areas that are "puckered" on the edges.  This is a minor imperfection that doesn't affect playability and is only worth mentioning because the rest of the guitar is so clean.

Comes complete with a newer Fender padded gig bag.