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Oahu 260K Sunshine Guitar Amplifier | 8" Speaker, 5Y3, 12AX7, 6V6

Oahu 260K Sunshine Guitar Amplifier | 8" Speaker, 5Y3, 12AX7, 6V6

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Here is a very nice and clean Valco made 1960 Oahu Sunshine 260K which is essentially a Gretsch 6150 with an added tone control. Sounds great for the low powered snarly sound and all aspects function properly as they should.

This amp has been freshly serviced with a replacement multi-section can capacitor from Hayseed Hamfest.  A grounded 3-prong power cable has been properly installed as well as the fuse being re-wired to comply with modern safety standards.  Pots and jacks have been cleaned and the tube sockets have been cleaned and re-tensioned.  All transformers are original.  All tubes are original and date to 1960.  No circuit changes have been made - only safety and maintenance items.  

A speaker jack was previously added to the top of the chassis between the tone and pilot light as an external speaker jack.  This is now a switching jack so when an external speaker jack is used the internal speaker is disconnected.  There are two additional speaker jacks on the bottom corners of the back panel have been disconnected and serve no purpose other than placeholders at this time.  The original speaker wires previously passed through a bare hole in the chassis where the internal speaker jack was added - no new holes were drilled.  The only chassis modification made during the servicing was removing the enamel paint where the power cable ground connection is made.

Overall a fantastic amp at a reasonable price that will safely serve the next owner for many years to come.
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