Seymour Duncan APTL-1 APTR-1 AlNiCo II Pro Telecaster Pickup Set | 6.25k Ohms, 7.83k Ohms

Seymour Duncan

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Here's a super nice and clean Seymour Duncan APTL-1 AlNiCo II Pro Telecaster pickup set.  Comes complete with the original box and three mounting screws for the bridge pickup.  No springs or rubber tubing is available.

  • Bridge - 12"+ of Vintage Style Cloth Push Back Wire w/ 6.25k Ohms

"This Vintage Tele lead pickup uses alnico 2 rod magnets to provide a softer treble attack for players who want Telecaster tone without excess bite."  - Seymour Duncan

  • Neck - 11"+ of Vintage Style Cloth Push Back Wire w/ 7.83k Ohms

"Vintage output Telecaster rhythm tone but with alnico 2 rod magnets for a sweeter, smoother treble response."  - Seymour Duncan