Stratocaster Style Loaded Pickguard | 3-Ply Parchment w/ Aged White, SSS, RWRP


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Here's a mint condition unused Stratocaster style loaded pickguard equipped with three (3) AlNiCo single coil loaded pickups.  The leads have never been soldered and mounting screws match Squier Affinity Stratocaster body.

  • Bridge - South Top -  11.35k Ohms
  • Middle - North Top - 10.66k Ohms
  • Neck - South Top - 8.54k Ohms
  1. Bridge
  2. Bridge & Middle (Parallel) - Hum Cancelling
  3. Middle
  4. MIddle & Neck (Parallel) - Hum Cancelling
  5. Neck

A great setup to quickly and easily finish off that project.  Manufacturer is unknown.