Telecaster 50s Style HH Wiring Kit | CTS / WD Custom Audio Taper 500 kΩ Pots, Mallory 150 Caps

Buhr Electronics

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Here is a quick and easy kit to install in your HH Telecaster whether as an upgrade, replacing faulty components, or to finish off a scratch/kit/parts build.  Control layout is based on Fender specs 2-1/2" Potentiometer spacing.

Top quality used throughout:

  • CTS / WD Music 500 kΩ Custom Audio Taper Pots | 1/4" Solid Shaft - these pots are spec'd to 550 kΩ w/ a 9% Tolerance to guarantee over 500 kΩ.
  • Oak-Grigsby - or - CRL 5-Way Blade Switch
  • Mallory 150 .01 µF, .022 µF, .047 µF, or .1 µF Polyester Film Tone Capacitor - .022 µF is most common for humbuckers.
  • Switchcraft #11 Mono Output Jack
  • Vintage Style Gavitt Cloth Pushback Wire

These made to order, so minor modifications may be available so please message prior to purchase to ensure your request can be accommodated (additional charges may apply)