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WD Custom Audio Taper 550 kΩ Potentiometers | Matched Sets

WD Custom Audio Taper 550 kΩ Potentiometers | Matched Sets

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NOTE: "Hot Spec" Sets are sometimes out of stock however, "Standard Spec" sets just under the 565 kΩ threshold are often available.  Feel free to inquire about purchasing one of these very close sets either through the "Contact Us" page or leaving a note at time of checkout - Click here to see an example of a request.

Check out a brief video description of my thought process behind potentiometer sets.

These matched sets of potentiometers are grouped within a +/-1% tolerance.  This means that there will be no more than a 10 kΩ spread between the highest value and lowest value within each set.

Matched sets help to give an even baseline tone between pickups as the pickup winder designed them to be relative to one another.  Of course, as with all things guitar, personal taste is what matters most and mixing and matching pickups and tweaking values is all part of the thrill of the chase.  Nothing is absolute, but a known starting point will direct you which way to go.

 Need Some Compatible Knobs?
  • 24-Spline Split Shaft

For individual potentiometers please see this listing.

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