Yamaha THR5 Modeling Combo Desktop Guitar Amp | 5 Voicings, Built-In Effects


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Here's a super nice and clean Yamaha THR5 Modeling Desktop Amp.  Perfect for practicing or home recording with direct computer interface via the USB port.  Comes complete with original power supply.

Crafted with an ultra-portable compact design, 5 watts of power, and five separate amp types built on Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology, the Yamaha THR5 Modeling Combo Amp is a modern marvel in the world of practice amps. Built in collaboration with a rotating squad of guitarists, VCM technology amp types range from Crunch to Brit Hi to Modern and provide an impressive amount of versatility in tone for such a small combo. Able to play tracks back through smartphones thanks to the USB connectivity and even serving up a simulated orange tube glow in the grille, the THR5 is a perfect answer to the practicing conundrum.