1983 Artist AR100 Husk (Body & Neck) & Tuners | Black, Previous Body Mods


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Here's a nice 1983 Ibanez AR100 which possibly had a factory Pro Rock'r bridge instead of the typical Tune-o-matic and "Cloud" stop bar style.  At this time Ibanez would do limited runs to use up parts for certain markets and retailers.  At some point a Khaler bridge was installed and the body was routed accordingly.  The rear tremolo cavity is original.  It would be possible with some time, effort, and a lot of skill to plug and re-rout the top and install a proper 2-point tremolo - or - maybe re-rout for a Floyd Rose.  

The neck itself is straight and the truss rod functions properly.  The frets are in good shape overall with plenty of life left. 

There are lots of chips, dings, and scratches all over the body.

Everything pictured is included.  The rear control cavity cover is a bit warped.  The tone controls are the original push/pull for coil splitting the factory Dimarzio Dual Sound pickups.  Two of the Sure-Grip knobs are missing their rubber collars - the other two are in great shape.  The tuners are the original and Ibanez branded.

This is not a project for the faint of heart.  Feel free to ask any questions prior to purchase.  I will be happy to take additional photos if needed.