2012 Gibson USA Melody Maker Explorer | Satin Black, Custom White Pickguard, 491T Humbucker


Regular price $499.00

Here's a super nice and clean Gibson Melody Maker Explorer finish in an extra clean Satin Black.  The original pickguard was used as a template to create the current, and perfectly fitting, 3-Ply White/Black/White guard that's pictured - it is in As New condition without any wear.  The original pickguard is not pictured, but will be included.  It still has the protective plastic film on it and only peeling is a small area.  There is one wear spot on the front side of the up wing.

This thing plays and sounds great.  The frets are in fantastic shape, have minimal wear, and have just been polished.  All the electronics are original with a Gibson 491T humbucker and master volume straight to the Switchcraft output jack.

These typically have a "Gibson" logo on the truss rod cover.  The tuners are also typically stamped "Gibson Deluxe" and these are "Kluson Deluxe".  I can only assume that these variations are due to being either very early or vary late in the production run.

Comes complete with the original gig bag, and warranty docs.