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Oak Grigsby

4- and 6-Way Blade Switches

4- and 6-Way Blade Switches

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These Oak-Grigsby 4- and 6-way blade switches are fantastic options to add additional tones to your guitar by adding pickup combinations typically unavailable with the more commonly used 3- and 5-way blade switches.

The 4-Way blade is most commonly a Traditional 2-Pickup Telecaster where the most forward position is the neck and bridge pickups in series.

The 6-Way blade is most commonly used in a Stratocaster style guitar and allows for the neck and bridge pickups combined in parallel.  The slot in pickguards and control plates needs to have a length of 1-5/16".  This will extend the ends of the slot to the edge of each mounting screw depending of the screw style.  A great tool to complete this task is a nut slotting file around .065-.070"
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