Fender CIJ '65 Reissue MG65 RI Mustang | Dakota Red, Tools & Tremolo Arm, Pristine Condition


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Here is quite possibly the nicest Fender '65 Reissue Mustang available for purchase.  It still has the plastic film on the pickguard!  Zero apologies or excuses on this one.  No buzzing from the bridge and stays in tune!  All switching functions exactly as it should.  No static or scratchiness from the volume pot.  The tone control appears to have never had a capacitor installed from the factory.  The potentiometer is clean and untouched.  I'll be happy to provide/install a capacitor of the buyers choosing - or - leave as-is, if desired.

Comes with all adjustment tools, tremolo arm, in a like new Fender gigbag.