Telecaster 4-Way Wiring Kit | CTS / WD Music 275 kΩ Custom Taper Pots, Oak Grigsby Switch, Mallory 150 Cap

Buhr Electronics

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Here's a super easy kit to modify/upgrade your Telecaster or T-style guitar with top quality components for your 2-Pickup Telecaster.  Potentiometer spacing is 2-1/2" (Center-to-Center) and aligns with Fender Part No. 0992058000 and Kluson Telecaster Control Plates.  If your neck pickup has a grounded cover, a separate "Chassis Ground" lead needs to be added and isolated from the coil's "Signal Ground".

Comes completely wired and ready to install.  Simply connect your pickup hot leads and grounds.

    Each kit is assembled and soldered with extreme care and concern for ease of installation and many years of trouble free use.